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John Wick is a 2014 action thriller film directed by Chad Stahelski and written by Derek Kolstad. The film stars Keanu Reeves as the title character, a retired hitman seeking revenge on the gangsters who killed his beloved dog. In this review, I will examine what makes John Wick an exceptional action film.

First of all, the fight scenes in John Wick are immaculately choreographed and executed. Keanu Reeves trained extensively in martial arts for the role, and it shows. The melee scenes are fluid, fast-paced, and intense, with an emphasis on practical effects versus CGI. The use of firearms is also impressive, with John Wick frequently reloading and changing weapons, giving the viewer an idea of the character’s dexterity and precision. John Wick’s action sequences are so well done that they have become a benchmark for other action movies.

Another factor that sets John Wick apart from other action films is his world structure. The film is set in a world of assassins with their own unique rules and codes of conduct. The Continental, a hotel that serves as neutral ground for the assassins, is a particularly intriguing aspect of the film’s world-building. The hotel is staffed to meet the needs of the killers, from providing guns to cleaning up the corpses. The world of John Wick is immersive and engaging, making the film feel like a graphic novel brought to life.

Keanu Reeves gives an outstanding performance as John Wick. His portrayal of the character is understated and nuanced, with a quiet intensity that draws audiences in. Reeves conveys a sense of pain and anger that is palpable and makes the audience empathize with John Wick’s quest for revenge. The supporting cast is excellent too, with Ian McShane as the owner of the Continental, Lance Reddick as the hotel concierge and Willem Dafoe as a fellow killer.

The cinematography of John Wick is visually stunning, with a color palette leaning heavily towards blues and greys. The film’s lighting and camera angles enhance the mood and atmosphere of each scene, creating a sense of tension and uneasiness. The use of long takes during the fight scenes allows the audience to fully enjoy the choreography, while the close-up shot of Keanu Reeves’ face conveys the character’s emotions.

John Wick’s soundtrack is another highlight of the film. The music, composed by Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard, perfectly complements the on-screen action. The score is packed with electronic and industrial elements, with puls at rhythms adding to the film’s intensity.

In summary, John Wick is a watchable action film that stands out from the crowd. Its flawless combat scenes, immersive world-building, outstanding performances, stunning cinematography, and unforgettable soundtrack all contribute to its status as a modern classic. Keanu Reeves delivers a career-defining performance as the title character, cementing his status as one of the greatest action stars of all time. If you are a fan of action movies, John Wick is a movie not to be missed.

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