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The Last Kingdom is a historical television series produced by BBC America and based on the novels The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell. The show follows the life of Uhtred von Bebbanburg, a Saxon-born warrior raised by the Danes and torn between his loyalties to either side of England in the 9th and 10th centuries. Even King Must Die is the tenth and final season of the show.

As a fan of the series, I found Even King Must Die to be a satisfying ending to the story of Uhtred and the other characters. The season picks up right where the previous season left off as Uhtred and his allies battle the forces of Cnut and the Dane, who have taken control of much of England.

One of the show’s strengths has always been its characters, and this season is no exception. Alexander Dreymon gives another great performance as Uhtred, giving the character a combination of charisma, toughness, and vulnerability. The supporting cast are also excellent, with standout performances from Ian Hart as Father Beocca, Timothy Innes as King Edward and Emily Cox as Brida.

Season also boasts some impressive fight scenes, and the show’s production values continue to be top-notch. The final fight in particular stands out, with a sense of stakes and urgency that really draws the viewer in.

Of course, not everything about the season is perfect. There are some plot points that feel rushed or underdeveloped, and some characters don’t get as much screen time as they deserve. Also, the pacing of the season can feel a bit uneven at times, as some episodes seem to be competing to pack in as much story as possible.

Overall, however, Even King Must Die is a fitting conclusion to The Last Kingdom. It’s a show that has always revolved around the struggles of individuals involved in larger historical events, and this season does an excellent job of showing the impact those struggles can have. Fans of the series will not be disappointed, and newcomers to the series may be drawn to its captivating characters and exciting action.

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