The Triangle of Sadness Movie

The Triangle of Sadness is a novel by Slovenian author and philosopher Yuri Kožnar. Released in 2020, the book follows the lives of three people, Jana, Martin and Andrej, as they navigate their relationships, careers and personal struggles in modern Europe.

Kožnar’s writing style is concise yet poetic. He uses sparse language to paint vivid images of his characters and their surroundings, leaving plenty of room for interpretation and introspection. The story is told from each character’s perspective, providing a comprehensive overview of their lives and experiences.

Jana is a successful model but feels trapped by the industry’s tight beauty standards and her own insecurities. Martin is a wealthy businessman, but he’s disillusioned with his job and struggles to find meaning in his life. Andrej is a struggling artist, but he is passionate about his work and committed to his craft even when faced with rejection and financial insecurity.

As the novel progresses, the lives of the three characters become increasingly intertwined. Jana and Martin start a secret affair and Andrej becomes a close friend and confidant for both of them. However, their relationships are complicated by jealousy, betrayal, and the harsh realities of the world they live in.

One of the most striking aspects of The Triangle of Sadness is its exposure to the beauty industry. Through Jana’s experiences as a model, Kožnar highlights the pressure and expectations placed on women to meet a certain standard of beauty. It also reveals the dark side of the industry, including the objectification and exploitation of models, and the impact this can have on your mental health.

The novel also touches on themes of existentialism and the search for the meaning of life. Martin, in particular, wrestles with the idea that his wealth and success are ultimately meaningless and wrestles with what really gives meaning to life. Andrej, on the other hand, finds meaning in his art even as he struggles to make a living.

Although “The Triangle of Sadness” is a relatively short novel, it is rich in meaning and depth. Kožnar’s prose is thought-provoking and insightful, and his characters are complex and relatable. However, the novel is not without its weaknesses. The pacing can feel slow at times, and some of the character interactions feel contrived. The ending of the novel may also leave some readers unsatisfied or unresolved.

Overall, The Triangle of Sadness is a moving and introspective novel that explores the complexities of modern life. It’s thought-provoking read that raises important questions about ideals of beauty, materialism, and the search for meaning. Kožnar’s writing is elegant and impressive, and his characters flawed and relatable. Despite its flaws, The Triangle of Sadness is a novel worth reading for anyone interested in exploring the human condition.

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